Qus:    Define Flow Steps in webMethods ?
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1)  INVOKE :- Invokes a service such as flow service, java service, C service (or) webservice.

2) BRANCH :- Conditionally execute one step from a set of specified alternatives.

Two types of Branches: 1) Branch on Switch value : Use a variable  to determine which child step executes.

2) Branch on escpression : Use an escpression which child step executes. use evaluate labels to true.

3) REPEAT :- Repeat a set of flow steps upto a specified number of times  or until a step in the set fails or succeeds as specified.

4) SSEQUENCE :- Group a set of flow steps and control the way in which failure of member of the set is processed.

5) LOOP :- Repeat a set of flow steps over the elements of a specified array.

6) EXIT :- Exit the entire flow (or) exit a single flow step.

7) MAP :- Link, add, edit and delete pipe line variables or invoke several services that operate on the same set of pipe line variables.

8) PIPELINE :- Is a general term used to refer data structure in which input and output values are maintained for a flow service. It allows services in flow to share data.

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