Qus:    What are the basic elements in Publish and subscribe model?
Jan 20, 2012 03:56 1 Answers Views: 2405 Nancy
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Nancy Jan 20, 2012 03:56

1) Documents

2) Publishable Document type:-  Is a named schema that describes the structure of a particular document that can be published and subscribed to an instansce of publishable document can be published locally within an IS or published to a broker.

3) Triggers:-  Triggers establish subscriptions to publishable document types. Triggers also specify services that will process documents received by subscriptions.

4) Services:-  They contain logic that the IS executes. When building  a trigger the service is to be specified to process the document that are to subscribed.

5) Adapter notification:- Notify webMethods Integration plat form whenever a specific event occursbon a adapter resource . It publishes a document when the specified event occurs on the resource

6) Canonical Document :- Is a standard  document  representation that a document might assume while it is passing the webmethods Integration platform.

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