Topic:   CS Asset migration fails taking the main asset to Amend state frequently
May 27, 2012 11:07 3 Replies 1929 Views Sashi
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    I have a problem with CS asset migration, CS Asset migration fails and the main Managed asset comming to Ammend state frequently.

    The main Asset consists of different kinds of childs which includes Deployer, rules..etc.

    I have successfully taken the Main asset to stagging running then the issue statrts.


    idnkx user


    If by any reason the CS Asset migration fails and the main Managed asset comes to Ammend state check the logs to identify the issue, it may be due to the inproper configuration or target/destination system unavailability or an authentication issue etc once the issue is resolved then do not continue from the Amend state take the main Asset or managed unit to the previous state where it failed and continue processing from there.

    idnkx user


    Thanks Pavan, it works now

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