Topic:   My webMethods Serverr not starting.. ??
Jun 30, 2014 00:04 5 Replies 724 Views Drectole
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    MWS not starting.. ??

    idnkx user


    What error u r getting in logs

    idnkx user


    Check the Portal PID whether it is active or not by ps -ef|grep java.

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    To restart the Portal Goto the path "/webMethods*/MWS/server/default/bin" and run the below command

    sudo nohup ./ &.
    Note: Make sure the Portal is down.

    idnkx user


    Can we check if the port is free to be used for the Installation !! Due to several installs and reinstalls could you try that on a different port number and the logs of the installation if we can check on it when we face an error we get the installation logs if any error and the corresponding error codes and messages, and the PID check once you see it completely installed check on the PID if its running it might be error with the browser we are using as well as i know.Once found and resolved do suggest us where you went wrong so we can make sure that we again don't do the same mistake.

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