Topic:   Unresolved dependencies while mapping to target server at webMethods Deployer map
May 27, 2012 10:45 2 Replies 1614 Views Sashi
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    We are using IS 8.0 with SP2, while creating a deployer project every time we get an error for unresolved dependencies at Target server mapping, all our dependency objects exists on target nodes and we have selected the exists option while creating a set and we don't want to choose ignore dependencies option.

    Created a deployer project, set with dependencies exists option and map, while creating a map, deployment map -> set references will show a check link at target servers still showing unresolved depenceis.

    Could anyone throw some light on this issue

    idnkx user


    The following things may help while resolving the issue:

    1) Delete everything, the map, build and set. Recreate the deployment set, select the source server and packages in it and when it prompts for the dependencies check, check at target nodes if they really exists, if so proceed further.

    2) There may be a case where the deployer is prompting for a dependency which does not even exists at the source server, the dependency might refererring to some ambigouous object then check for your Deployer version and fix, then install the below recommencation from SAG:

    Log on to Empower, Knowledge center, product fix, fix explorer, current
    > corrections, wM deployer, all, any operating system and under “8.0.2” there is
    > DEP_8.0_SP2_Fix10 - DEP_8.0_SP2_Fix10 - 2/15/2012
    Download it via Update manager and install it.

    The deployer fix will definitely resolve your issue.

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