Topic:   What is caching at webMethods, what are the ways to clear cache and where they can be found
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    I was just wondering about Caching at webMethods and have bit confusion on the caching, the ways to clear the cache and where we can look to clean up the cache.

    Could any one please throw some light on this topic ?


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    When cache duration is enabled requests and responses are held in memory on the server for at least
    the cache duration so caution must be used if you expect requests or responses to be very large or you
    expect requests to vary widely.

    There are two kinds of cache clearing at webMethods

    1) Server level found at IS Admin console -> server -> Service usage -> Reset Server cache

    2) Service level found at Developer -> Service properties -> Run time -> Cache results, cache expire...

    Automatic cache flushing is controlled by the IS server property watt.server.cache.flushMins. The default setting is every 10 minutes. So if you specify the cache of a service to expire in 5 minutes, it may take up to 10 minutes for it to be purged.

    If you edit a cached service by changing the inputs (not the pipeline), you must reset the server cache.
    If you do not reset it, the old cached input parameters will be used at run time. To reset the service cache from Developer, select the service and then click the Reset button next to Reset Cache in the Properties panel. To reset the service cache from Integration Server Administrator, select Service Usage under Server in the Navigation panel. Select the name of the service and an information screen for that service appears. Click Reset Server Cache.

    To enable caching of pipeline contents after a service is invoked:

    1 Open the service for which you want to configure caching.

    2 In the editor, click the service’s title bar to give the service the focus.

    3 In the Runtime category of the Properties panel, set Cache results to True.

    4 In the Cache expire field, type an integer representing the length of time (in minutes) that you want the results for this service to be available in cache.

    Hope this helps...

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    Can we invoke cache enabled service in another business service?

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    Yes you can.

    You can also clear the cache by an IS restart.

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