Topic:   adapter Connection as in-active connection ?
Jun 25, 2014 20:19 5 Replies 523 Views shoson30
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    idnkx user


    How does Integration Server identify an adapter Connection as in-active connection ?

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    You can try using an built in service to check the status of a connection

    idnkx user


    you can check connection status by using built in services WmArt;pub;art;connection folder;get connection statastics

    idnkx user


    Integration server calls the adapter related methods in listResources.dsp page by specifying arguments like adapterTypeName=JDBCAdapter, connectionAliasName=xxxxxxxxxxx........... in this case IS calls the builtin service as mentioned by wash@idn...... and based on the reply from that service(output) IntegrationServer checks whether the adapter Connection as inactive or active connection.................

    idnkx user


    Sounds Good Piapavola, thanks! But, is this a scheduler job that IS performs at regular intervals or what could be the timing..

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