Topic:   ServerError: ( [ISC.0042.9332] Malformed entity reference: &023721
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    Hi experts,

    We are getting this error while running a Integration with a application, when we are turning the integration off we are not getting any errors on our server.


    ServerError: ( [ISC.0042.9332] Malformed entity reference: &023721

    Could anyone kindly analyze this issue and let me know the root cause or corrective actions.


    idnkx user


    Hi Pia,

    The Root cause for this issue may be an XML document with an [b]unencoded '&'[/b] or any [b]special character [/b]in the data is not valid XML, we should be receiving encoded XML.

    Integration Server does not detect malformed entities during XML parsing.

    This error occurs because the XML parser does not detect malformed entities and parses them into an empty string. For example, "> ;" becomes "".

    According to the XML 1.0 spec, an entity or character spec is of the form &string; with no white space. For example, > is a legal reference and > ; is illegal.

    By default the Integration Server throws an exception if it detects a malformed entity. Specifically the pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument service will throw the following error:
    [ISC.0042.9332] Malformed entity reference:

    Corrective actions:

    1) This should be corrected at the source. Request your partner/Legacy to send HTML encoded for spl chars in the xmldata field. values ..

    to name some:

    & to &
    < to <
    > >

    2) For customers who prefer to allow the malformed entries, the following configuration property has to be added.


    Set this property to "false" to prevent the Integration Server from throwing an exception when the XML parser detects a malformed entity.

    3) Use a substitute for our special character which webMethods does not refer to as a special character while we are sending the data.

    Since the malformed exception/error normally happens if the XML document contains special character, in this case '&' (this is also true in Java handling of XML document).

    Below might give you an idea for handling this at the code:

    i: You may want to include a call to stringToDocument or documentToXMLString (encode=true) with encoding = true to encode all '&'.

    ii: Or Write a java service to replace the '&' with 'amp' and other related XML special characters.

    Hope this helps


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