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    idnkx user


    i want to know the difference b/w ftp and sftp i want the complete information regarding sftp can any one help me pls

    idnkx user


    Hi Anil,

    FTP is a simple File Transfer protocol which needs uid and pwd only for Authentication, while SFTP is secure File Transfer protocol where some more levels of security is provided apart from Authentication.

    I never implemented SFTP, but below is the knowledge of sftp i gathered, hope this will help you:

    Try with jsch java service, Check if your sftp user has 755 perms and authorized_keys of that sftp host has 644 perms etc.

    Copy the private key from the unix .ssh folder to the IS folder which the service is referencing when trying to should work. Also check with authentication, is in which mode and is that in, given permission or not.

    The below configurations should be made in or your properties file
    Host *
    PasswordAuthentication no
    StrictHostKeyChecking yes
    BatchMode yes
    Compression yes
    IdentityFile /appl/dev/wmadmin/vendor/wm80/IS1/IntegrationServer/openssh/intserv.rsa
    # you may preconfigure all hosts you wish to connect to here
    #UserKnownHostsFile openssh/known_hosts


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