Topic:   How to create/call Asynchronous web service in a flow service
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    How to create/call Asynchronous web service in a flow service?

    For Example:

    There are 5 steps in flow service.
    -->First Step is Invoke web service, that inserts the data into database and it takes 10 min to complete.
    -->Remaining 4 steps should not wait until the completion of web service.
    -->Without waiting for reply, next flow steps should complete the execution at client side and that process should run at server side.
    Please share ur suggestions..

    idnkx user


    Simple. Create a service A which has a publishable document type that is subscribed by another service B that hosts the webservice. Rest you put in the master service.

    idnkx user


    You would be able to run the service as a normal service and the 10min part will be handled by the broker.

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