Topic:   not supporting .wmf files when tested from gamil
Jun 03, 2014 18:41 3 Replies 514 Views Raghavendra
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    I developed one interface and it is working like a when I send an email to particular email server it will store in Email server from there webMethods email poller(scheduler service run for every 5sec) picks the email and validates the email and should send email response back to me.

    If I attach any attachment like .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmf , .wmf filesetc, it is workg fine from microsoft out look.

    When I tested from my gmail account expect .wmf files, it is supporting all type of files and picks the email from email server

    Thanks In advance.

    Rgahavendra U M

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    It may be because of gmails attachment size limitation its not supporting .wmf files


    idnkx user


    No asadul, this issue realted to IMAP server.

    I found our webMethods email server not accepting email which are coming from gmail with .wmf file as attachemt, even i tried to send email from my gamil accound my extenal outlook(client), I didnt receive any email to my external outlook from gmail.

    I tried to send email from my gamil accound my Internal outlook(local), I receive email responce with .wmf as attachment to my Internal outlook from gmail.

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