Topic:   How to create a new webMethods instance
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    How to create a new instance (multiple instances) for webMethods Integration server?
    We have Default Port instance 5555 to run the IS. I want to create 2 or more instances for the same Integration Server, so that i can run two instances at a time.

    idnkx user


    you can create multiple ports but not instances for IS on the same installation...... However you can copy the Integration Server folder and make it run on the different ports....

    idnkx user


    You have to install the IS instance again with in different folder structure and change default port in ports.cnf under /config folder and update the primay listener in you can run many no. od instances you want. But make sure you have enough RAM in your system..

    idnkx user


    Go to Security -> Ports and create a "Http port" and select Type as "Regular" and give the port number as 5556 (anything apart from Primary port) and make the Access Mode as "Allow".
    FYI.. At anytime, their can be only 1 primary port, but you can have any number of instances but with different port number. So you can access those instances with :.

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