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    May i know the difference between Trading partner agreement (TPA) and processing rules.


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    Optionally, you can define trading partner agreements for pairs of partners. Each TPA contains specific information for two trading partners, where one partner represents a sender and the other represents the receiver. You can create applications that use TPA information to tailor how documents are exchanged.

    Each TPA must have a unique combination of the following:

    Partner that represents the sender

    Partner that represents the receiver

    Type of TPA, represented by the "Agreement ID"

    TPA field TPA1 TPA2
    Partner that represents the sender A B
    Partner that represents the receiver B A
    Type of TPA(Agreement ID) EDITPA EDITPA

    Where as Processing rules defined on the below set:
    1) Sender
    2) Receiver
    3) Document type
    If the incoming document type matches the above criteria then the defined action which could be invoking a flow service, sending an email, etc..

    Refer the below two blogs to understand these concepts better:

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