Topic:   webmethods 9.6 Integration server not getting started
Apr 29, 2014 19:20 2 Replies 1934 Views MITHILESH
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    idnkx user


    hi All,

    We are upgrading to 9.6 and have done fresh installation of Integration server 9.6.
    we are facing issue to bring the IS up . In 9.6 the internal directory structure has been changed for default instance of Integration server to support Multi instance Integration server feature provided in 9.6. As per the documentation provided while installing the integration server a default instance should be created in (integrationServer\Instance\default ) directory , which contains all sub directories like logs , bin , config, packag ..etc.

    But after i have installed the IS iam not able to find the bin directory in the default folder only config and packages folder has been created .

    If any one is in the process of upgrading to 9.6 or has already upgraded and have faced the issue please let me know how this can be resolved.


    idnkx user


    Can you look at the server logs and see if any errors?

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