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    Anyone please help on this like how to create user email address in webMethods.

    Please share the possible ways.

    Thanks in advance.


    idnkx user


    Hi Raghavendra,

    Give me some clarity on creating user email address in webMethods? Explain your requirement.
    In webMethods we can send emails by using [b]pub.client:smtp[/b] and we can create email port in administrator to receive emails.

    idnkx user


    Hi Venu,

    Here a user send an email to a particular email ID, that mail will store in AD/LDAP server, from there webMethods email polling notification poll the email here webMethods validating the email and converts as mime data and process. Then webMethods reply back to customer mail address with responce like we have received your mail and we are going to process your request.

    1. Here I need create a mail ID for user
    2. While responding to user email address, If mails are bounce (like user inbox full or invalid mail address or server down), how handle these bounced emails.


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