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    idnkx user


    I want to send an alert email by using pub.client:smtp.
    What is the configuration to do?

    idnkx user


    Here i am using pub.client:smtp service by providing the following input parameters.

    mailhost :

    mailhostPort : 465

    username & password
    Provided to and from, but its not working...

    idnkx user


    You should set up the Email server first, for this you need to configure outgoing Email setup

    Navigate through [b]IS Admin -> Settings -> Resources -> Email Notification[/b] and provide the details...default SMTP port should be 25.

    There is one more option to configure your Email settings if you have MWS

    [b]Administration -> My webMethods -> Email Servers[/b] and give SMTP host and port details here

    After configuring this restart your IS and try sending Email with pub.client:smtp service

    idnkx user



    Thank you, its working with corporate email,But How can i receive email?

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