Topic:   How to compare two webMethods flow services and find the differences
Dec 29, 2011 15:59 2 Replies 3625 Views Nancy
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    Could any one please suggest me how we can compare two flow services, i have a service which needs to be compared since it has two versions and i want to differentiate between these versions.


    idnkx user


    Nancy, there are two options to compare two flow services:

    1) click on the service at developer -> view as html and save the html -> Save as .mht and compare, its just a graphical view comparision which has the code in Java script and html format.

    2) go to /opt/softwareag/wm80_01/IntegrationServer/packages//ns//(if any)//flow.xml

    Example: if we have our package ABC and folder abc and subpackage alpha and the flow service compareFlows than the location will be:


    There are three files in this location i) flow.xml ii) flow.xml.bak and iii) node.ndf

    i) flow.xml consists of all the variables, services, documents used in the flow service with mapping etc.

    ii) flow.xml.bak consists of backup of the flow service.

    iii) node.ndf consists the properties of the flow service which can be seen from properties pannel.

    Hope this helps you..

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