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    idnkx user


    Hi Experts

    Can any one please let me know few tips to improve access to MWS admin page,so that we wont face timeout error most of the time when trying to access process instances properties.



    idnkx user


    I am not sure about process instances, but if you have issues with MWS timeout then the time-out value for MWS is configured in the file web.xml which is stored in \webMethodsxx\MWS\server\default\deploy\portal.war\WEB-INF.

    [b]Edit the file web.xml.[/b]

    In the tag [b][/b], specify the required timeout value, in unit of timeout is seconds:

    Look for -> [b][/b]


    The default and recommended value is 5 minutes, you can choose as per your requirement.

    Check out for timeouts for Process instances at

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