Topic:   Flat file content validations for handling special characters ?
Jan 18, 2014 03:11 3 Replies 1065 Views Nancy
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    idnkx user


    Hi Xperts,

    Does anyone here worked on flat file validations?

    My requirement is to validate incoming Flat file and check for any special characters, the names in file should only be in alphanumeric, email id's should have @ etc..

    Really appreciate if anyone can provide use cases or examples for code line validator ?


    idnkx user


    You can validate the incoming flat files.

    Parse the flat file and convert to document type by using pub.flatFile:convertToValues.
    And then after use regular expressions to validate the fields like email (should have correct formate)in your flat file.
    Use Exit step to through an error like "Invalid email".

    idnkx user


    Apart from Heartlockers specifications you can also try using custom transformers i.e write your seperate service for validations with helpers from Java or wMFlatFile package for the field called Emailid..then you can use the custom transformer and within the custom transformer you can throw an error if the validation fails.

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