Topic: is not a directory exception in dsp pages ?
Jan 11, 2014 05:36 2 Replies 1126 Views George
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    Hi All,
    I have an issue where i have custom made adapter with some dsp pages. one dsp page can fetch log files from directory of Linux host. However, i'm receiving below
    error when clicking on the same.
    "class is not a directory "
    I don't have much knowledge on DSP pages.Please throw any ideas on dsp pages to get to the root?

    I also did a check working dsp pages with the ones having this issue but no luck ?

    idnkx user


    Do the analysis
    1) check how many invokes are there in the DSP pages (invoke will execute a IS services)
    2) If you have inputs check the inputs for those services which should match your text box
    3) put a savepipelineToFile and restorePipeline TOFile
    4) again try to execute the dsp page and then come back to your services and then start debug.
    with this you should be able to do your analysis

    then you may check the condition written in your DSP page exactly near the invoke.
    if service returns the data correctly then its the problem with DSP code.

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