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    How can we perform multicasting in webMethods?

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    [b]Configure network routers to support multicast traffic:[/b]
    If you are using wM 8.0, Integration Server uses Oracle Coherence to create a distributed (or shared) cache for storing volatile data. For Integration Server Clustering to work, you need to configure your network routers to allow multicast traffic.

    For each IS cluster, it is recommended to assign a separate multicast address, for example 456.9.9.2. To avoid potential conflicts with other multicast applications, It must be ensured that these addresses are assigned or agreed by network administrators.

    Just to add to above, that network routers configuration is only required when your nodes in cluster lies on different subnet/vlan. If your all nodes are on same vlan.. this configuration is not required and multicasting distribution should work just fine.

    Also make sure you network allow multicast for port you specified.

    Follow the links for detailed approach:

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