Topic:   What is RoseNetta Adapter and how we can use it ?
Dec 25, 2013 21:15 3 Replies 1473 Views Pradip
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    What is RoseNetta Adapter and how we can use it ?

    are there any examples/ links available ?

    idnkx user


    Rosettanet is used to process consumer electronics manufacturer and suppliers b2b data, its a standard that aims to align the business processes of supply chain partners. Mainly they are used in Hitech Industry, but not limited to specific industry.

    It's like 3c3 for invoice and 3b2 for shipment notification.

    [b]Scenario below:[/b]
    Two trading partners join in a RosettaNet conversation to demonstrate adherence to the RosettaNet standard.

    We will use the various interfaces in webMethods RosettaNet Module to simulate this conversation.

    Refer the below documentation and links if you're trying to implement on wM platform-

    Let me know if you need any further help on RoseNetta Adapter...

    idnkx user


    Thanks sasi :) i can start exploring with the above stuff

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