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    In webMethods we use the standard try catch with three sequences . The error is is caught in the secong sequence by using the "getLastError" built-in service. can anyone suggest me a better way to handle the errors that are caught.

    for eg:-

    if the error is caught we can send the error through mail by using the mailing service.
    other than the mailing service can any one suggest any other way to handle the errors.

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Refer: for mechanisms. Apart from that try below:

    [b]Transient error[/b] is caused by a resource unavailability due to network issues and the error may be resolved if the service is retried again later. Try to handle these error via retrying using the below method:
    The Integration Server retries a service(properties panel check for transient error handling) that is configured to retry if the service uses the [b]pub.flow:throwISRuntimeException[/b] service to catch a transient error and re‐throw it as an ISRuntimeException. throw an exception when using a try-catch block.

    [b]2nd approach:[/b]
    Set a flag in your catch block or leave a variable holding the error message in the pipeline.
    Outside the catch block put a branch on that variable or flag and if it is non-null then exit with failure or call the service that generates the exception

    idnkx user


    One more approach we used is described below..

    Saved the pipeline in DB whenever the service is failed. It helps to reprocess the same service after fixing the issue.

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