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    Can anyone tell diffierence between CAF and DSP...

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    CAF is Composite Application Framework whereas DSP is Dynamic server page, both are used to serve as client applications/client one is browser based and other is Eclipse..below are some of the differences between these two:

    1) CAF is a Eclipse based plugin has come in for Designer and DSP is a browser based client.
    2) Design CAF application by simply drag and drop, Design a DSP based application using coding and tags.
    3) CAF applications execute in Task engine at MWS, DSP's execute at IS.
    4) CAF application follow MVC(Model view container) Architecture whereas DSP's follow two or three tier Architecture.
    5) After design at CAF we link it to a process via configuration and at DSP we call the process at IS via invoking a flow service...

    This is what the knowledge i have about CAF and DSP's anyone can comment or add further differences...

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    Thank you @Rovingice !!

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