Topic:   How can i test my webServices in webMethods ?
Oct 14, 2013 19:58 3 Replies 1541 Views Asadul
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    Hi Xperts,

    How can i test my webServices in webMethods ? Is there anything available in wMRoot package or shall i go for SOAP UI etc...

    I have developed few webServices and now i would like to test it before presenting them to client.


    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Hello Asadul,

    There are several tools and options available for testing your webServices. I will list down few:

    1) SOAP UI
    2) Altova XML spy
    3) Create a WSDL connector or WSDL Consumer at wM using your webService and test it internally in webMethods.
    4) Create a simple HTML client(.html file) to test your hhtp posts, after creating you need to just paste your request message.
    5) Create a test folder in the package where you have the code and create a test flow service with pub.client.soapClient service(this service is used by WSDL consumer/connectors) by providing address and other parameters

    Expose your service as a producer and get the WSDL URL from the properties box from webMethods developer. Post the URL in any of the above methods.. e.g SOAP UI and do your testing. Also be careful that you need to set up the service's ACL(s) to Anonymous access other wise in SOAP UI, XML Spy etc then also give credentials in webMethods for Authentication like username and password.

    Hope you will explore the above possibilities.

    idnkx user


    Thanks for your quick responses Raj, much Apprciated :)

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