Topic:   Identify on which Broker port is webMethods Integration server connecting
Aug 07, 2013 13:56 2 Replies 1710 Views Akshat Singhal
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    Akshat Singhal


    I was reviewing my IS<>Broker connection configuration when I noticed that port number isn't mentioned in Broker Host value on settings>>messaging>>broker settings>>edit broker settings screen on IS Admin.

    I checked dispatch.cnf and no port is mentioned there as well. Please can someone help me understand what is default behavior of IS<>Broker config if I do not mention port number while connecting.

    Thanks in Advance!

    idnkx user



    Broker server runs on a port, not a Broker. Please go through [url=]Broker Admin guide[/url] to improve your understanding about Broker server, Broker and Broker Monitor.

    Broker Server performs routing and it hosts one or more Brokers, it also manages the memory and disk resources for all the Brokers which reside in it.

    Broker resides on a Broker server, when a client connects to Broker server it specifies the Broker which it want to interact. It identifies Document types, client groups.

    Broker Monitor is a program that executes along with Broker Server on host machine, it can monitor multiple Broker servers and continuously checks the state of the Broker Server and automatically re-starts if it stops working.

    By default if nothing is specified your Broker server runs on 6849 port.

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