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    Document says that Broker Client applications can create their own dead letter queue. Please can someone help me understand how to configure one?

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    Its pretty simple:

    Go to MWS -> Messaging > Broker Servers > Brokers

    -> In the Brokers List, click the Broker whose dead letter queue you want to activate. If the
    Broker does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.

    -> On the Broker Details page, click the Dead Letter Queue tab and (optionally) complete the following fields. If these fields are non‐editable, it indicates that the dead letter client has already been configured.

    -> Click Apply to generate the dead letter client(in this way you configure yours). To activate the dead letter queue in this field Specify...Client ID Optional. A suffix of one or more characters that, when appended to the “DefaultDLQ_” prefix, forms a client ID that is unique within the Broker.

    By default, the client ID for the Broker’s dead‐letter queue is “DefaultDLQ_”, however, you can optionally append a suffix to this client ID when you activate the queue. For example, you might add the name of your Broker to the default client ID to form an ID such as “DefaultDLQ_Broker01.” You can also associate an application name with the dead letter client to make it easier to locate in the Broker user interface.

    When you activate the dead letter queue, the Broker generates a (disconnected) client state object using the client ID that you specify. You can use MWS(follow the above steps) to examine the dead letter queue.

    You can also use the Broker client API to develop a program(Java code) that connects to the dead letter client’s state object (using the client ID you assigned to the dead letter client) and retrieves the dead letter documents from the queue.

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