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    Akshat Singhal

    Hello, I have been going through the webm8 documentation on administering the broker ... however, i am unable :unsure: to understand the difference between a broker cluster & broker territories.. request your help here. For both the documentation says that they have to have same client groups and documents, but the ones in cluster maintain their own clients. Confused again :unsure:

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    If you want to establish Broker to Broker communication, then your Brokers have to Join a territory. Territories in a landscape created in order to scale and grow organisations infrasturcture.

    [url=]Refer this Blog[/url] for your understanding about a Broker Territory.

    Broker client is the trigger you use to subscribe the Broker doc and process it via IS service.

    We used to have this kind of setup in our Infrastructure, we we were using JMS Brokers instead native.
    In this kind of scenario your logic on publisher(IS) and subscriber IS differs i.e you will not have same packages or code at two IS.

    Where as in clustering set up Broker clusters are used for Load Balancing, sharing a highly available storage. So if services on one node fails then the other node automatically takes over these failed services and in this set up we will be having same code or packages in two IS and two Brokers will be having the same client/subscribers list. This scenario/ the Broker clustering set up is only used for performance factors. We used Veritas cluster manager to monitor our Broker and IS clustering environment.

    While the Broker Territories are maintained if in an organization the sales dept using a set of IS want to establish a communication with HR(using seperate set of IS) Dept.

    Hope you are getting my point.


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