Topic:   difference blw Webmethods version 8.2 to new version 9.
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    Hi team,
    I have joined recently , earlier i was in ABAP for 11 months and now they have put me in Webmethods.
    So m question is recently they have introduced new version 9. currently I am using 8.2 version .

    what is the major advantage of this new version?
    I searched in google but I came to know about cloud webservices.
    what is it? can anyone explain it?

    Thanks and regards

    idnkx user


    Hi Geetha,

    There are number of changes bundled with webMethods 9.0, when you compare them with webMethods 8.2, 8.x we were using Developer but from 9.0 Developer tool is totally deprecated and we have to start using Designer instead of Developer.
    Refer How to use Designer:]

    Apart from this we are having the below four major changes..

    1) [b]Cloud:[/b] Integration layer to any cloud Application.
    2) [b]Mobile:[/b] Launch of webMethods Mobile Suite(you can develop your mobile apps)
    3) [b]Social Collaboration:[/b] Social Collaboration features for Business events and knowledge sharing.
    4) [b]Memory Management:[/b] Terracotta Big Memory will make large documents handling easy.
    and many more....(Large file handling made easy without coding)

    And many more like Command central instead MWS, Managed file transfer instead of traditional ftp(manage multiple ftp server hosts and configurations at single console), Info strems(handling more data)....

    [b]Checkout for latest updates:[/b]

    Press Release

    Whats new in webMethods 9.0:


    idnkx user


    There are a lot of difference.For integration, it supports JSON and SFTP now.More detail please refer to release note.

    I'm not sure what's the "cloud webservice" do you mean, if you mean "cloudStreams" it's a cloud-connector framework to integrate with SAAS app like salesforce; if you mean "RESTful web service" it's a new service invoke method, something similar with "http://host:port/invoke/package:service", but more flexible.

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