Topic:   Problems loading webMethods Integration server 8.2 Admin console
Mar 28, 2013 21:23 2 Replies 3159 Views Asadul
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    I used to have my webMethods 8.2 Installation on a Windows server, it was all fine when i first installed and was using it from past one month without any issues. But today i found some weired thing and i can't Access my IS Admin console through the link http://localhost:5555

    I can only see the below information:

    [b]Listing of [/b]
    [b]Type Filename Modified Size [/b]
    Folder image (parent)

    I tried to check my server log and its showing server initiation completed and also there were no errors at error log. The IS process is up and running without any issues, but still i can't access my Admin console via Browser.

    Any suggestions ??

    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    Try [b]http://:/WmRoot/index.dsp [/b] if it works then it may be due to the below issue:

    Check for your Default package at IS/packages/..

    If its there then check for index.dsp file at IS/packages/Default/pub/..

    Do not ever delete the Default package. When a client goes to [b]URL http://:, it actually invokes [b]http://:/Default/index.html[/b], which then loads [b]http://:/WmRoot/index.dsp[/b]. If the Default package is deleted or the index.dsp file is delted, the Server Administration screen will not show up even when the server is up and running, and users will have to explicitly type in [b]http://:/WmRoot/index.dsp [/b]to get to the admin screen.

    Let us know if it got resolved for you.


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