Topic:   Difference between webMethods Native Broker and JMS Broker
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    What is the Actual difference between Native webMethods Broker and JMS Broker ? Which one we should consider for our A2A integrations ? Was there any performance differences between these two ?

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    [b]webMethods Broker[/b] messaging is a webMethods product specific proprietary messaging. Its a high speed message router and is referred as platforms message backbone.

    webMethods Broker is used in an environment where we have multiple Integration Servers under same broker territory and if your organisation's infrasturcture is growing by placing new integration servers then we have new Brokers placed for communication thus growing our integration platform.

    Since its webMethods proprietary messaging system within webethods we have lot of services which will use it. It also supports various APIs with which applications, including IS can interact.
    Broker messaging consists of calling wM-defined APIs to interact with Broker. A client uses one of the Broker libraries(Java, etc..) to communicate with Broker.

    [b]JMS Broker[/b] is based on standards and is used where we have to interact with external applications from our environment. JMS is not a message backbone, its only a API. It consists of calling Java-defined APIs to interact with a JMS provider. The clinet uses the JMS classes/methods defined by J2EE to communicate with a JMS provider. The JMS classes rely on a library provided by the JMS provider.

    So, if your enterprise is sending messages to external applications and you have JMS then go for JMS Broker else prefer webMethods Broker messaging.

    Hope this helps.

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