Topic:   Is it possible to Configure a connection to BMC Remedy Aruser from webMethods?
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    How to configure a connection to BMC remedy Aruser from webMethods,Since i need to fetch the record from BMC Aruser remedy application and to show those data into portal through webMethods..

    Is this one is possible??Please help me by sharing your ideas on this. :)

    idnkx user



    BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) is a proprietary Application server developed initially by Remedy Corp and acquired by BMC Software. It is best known as being part of the BMC Remedy IT Management Suite, a set of applications that runs over ARS.

    BMC Remedy User is used to submit, modify, and search records.

    You can configure a connection via webMethods Remedy Adapter.

    Go through below mentioned SAG documents to get your Adapter installed and do the configuration for connectivity and communication through BMC remedy.

    [url=]Remedy Adapter Read me.[/url]

    [url=]Remedy Adapter users guide.[/url]

    [url=]Remedy Adapter Installation guide.[/url]

    In order to display the fetched details from Remedy you can do two things:

    1) Develop DSP's to handle the UI logic and display the contents.
    2) Develop CAF applications to display it via wM Portal/MWS.


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