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    Hi Folks,

    Can any one guide me on working on webservices with MQ adapter i had gone through the documentation but im not good enough to start with that refference so i want some one to guide me on how the web service will call the mq adapter and how we can use like get,put,peek and request/reply services.Pls guide me i need to start working on this immediately

    Thanks In Advance

    idnkx user


    Hi Anil,

    Can you explain us the scenario for webservices with MQ Adapter, with the details i can assume you want to create a service which puts or takes in data from MQ and want to make the service as webservice..Generate a WSDL out of it and use the WSDL for invoking MQ Adapters..

    Walking through MQ Adapters you can initially create a connection by specifying the below details:

    connection type,package,queue manager,host,tcp/ip port, server conncetion channel,ccsid,user,pwd,queue name.

    Also refer my previous solution proposed on this forum for MQ connection

    Then follow the below blog for creation of MQ Adapter services according to your requirements.

    For creating web services you could refer the below blog:

    Please try the above and let me know if you still need any further information.

    Hope this works for you.
    - Pradip

    idnkx user


    Hi Pradip,

    Im having a xml script that contains the message. My scenario is i want to pick the message from the script and do some logic in the webmethods and send the response back to front end(here im getting the request from front end. After getting the request i have to call the script. So could pls guide me to work on that

    Anil kumar

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