Topic:   How to send email which contains table structure in the body from webMethods
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    Hi All,

    I would like to send an automated email to the business user of the daily failed messages in the table structured format.

    Can anyone please help me out solution to convert xmlstring or document list which contains the list of failed messages into table structure format and i need to bring that table into body of email.

    I have tried the following below steps,

    1.created adapter to get the failed messages from database.the output will be in documentlist
    2.Then converted document list to xml string and attached in the body of pub.client.smtp

    To be user friendly i want it to present in a table format not in xml string.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Rekha,

    Try to use DSP's and output Templates to achieve this..Refer the below post:

    Let me know if you need any further help on this.

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    Hi tomasidn,

    Many Thanks for your reply:)

    I want to get the data from the database and according to that i want to generate table for that.since the data getting from database we can't predict the no.of.rows/columns and can't do predefined tags with html.

    Is it possible to do with your solution if so can you tell me in brief of how to do please.

    At present i am getting in text format in the body content and attached the file.Please refer and suggest for some solution to present it in table format.

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    You can dynamically Build a table with n number of rows or columns using loop over document types from's%20Guide%206.5.pdf]DSPs or Output templates .

    [b]See example below which i used to send list of Broker clients dynamically:[/b]

    %ifvar eventExeItem/STATUS_EVENT equals('ERROR')%

    Please note following Broker Clients which reached treshold:

    %loop /inputXMLData/status/brokers%
    %loop clientList% %value message%



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