Topic:   Duplicate extended fields in in webMethods Trading Networks
Oct 23, 2012 14:24 2 Replies 1582 Views Paparao
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    We have a set-up of TN in clustered environment which has recently duplicated with TN extended field definitions of certain field group. And the same is reflecting in all the TN profiles. Currently IS servers are running on version 7.1.2. Attached the sample screens of the issue. Is there any way we could delete the duplicate field definitions in TN?



    idnkx user


    Hi Rao,

    Was your issue resolved, if so could you please share the solution with us.

    If not, i just came across some similar stuff may be helpful for you.

    There are some Built in Services available at [url=]Trading Networks Built in services Reference Guide.[/url] Like [b][/b] you can delete additional external ID types using this built-in service.

    If not try for some other built in services to delete your Duplicate extended fields.

    Hope it works for you and sorry if not.

    Asadul Haque.

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