Topic:   webMethods 7.1.2 is currently on windows 2003 server.. planning to move 7.1.2 verson to windows 2012 64 bit server? can you please let me know if any compatibilty issues
Nov 10, 2014 00:25 2 Replies 427 Views Hari KrishnaRao
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    idnkx user

    Hari KrishnaRao

    Hi All

    Iam currently running webMethods 7.1.2 on windows 2003 environment.
    Planning to move it to 2012 64 bit server operating system.
    Please let me is it possible to do so or not

    Thanks in advance. :)

    idnkx user


    Hi Krishna,

    It's possible to install 7.1.2 on windows 2012 64 bit environment..Refer the link below

    Just curious to know why you were still on 7.x when we have 9.x in market now, moreover you can even opt for 8.x with designer and lots of additional features.

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