Topic:   MWS exception No Integration Servers have been configured in Central Configuration
Oct 31, 2014 16:57 3 Replies 1918 Views Arricklar
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    I have installed IS, Designer, MWS.
    Within MWS Navigate>>Applications>>My webmethods >>System Settings >> Servers
    I can see BAM, BPM as default name.
    "No Integration Servers have been configured in Central Configuration" -
    I got this error. Please guide me on this.

    idnkx user


    You have to make sure that the central pool configuration us made.....check in the IS Admin page in user management tab if the CENTRAL CONFIGURATION shows CONFIGURED or NOT CONFIGURED....if it says that latter then u have to configure jdbc pool Central User to same schema to which the MWS schema is configured... then restart and check ...if it shows green you are good with Is-mws connectivity.

    idnkx user


    The whole point here is u need to configure Central user functional alias to same DB where the MWS is pointed to...

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