Topic:   receiving CSV file then process these file at webmethods placed in to a database
Oct 10, 2014 23:23 2 Replies 917 Views ribinadia
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    Hi All,

    I am receiving https request with .CSV file then process these file placed in to a database.
    Can any one help me how can i do these task.......

    Note : We are not using TN console.
    Version 8.0.1..

    Give me synario related these task if you worked on these thing .....
    It will be great helpful

    idnkx user



    For processing CSV file, first u have to create flatfile schema and dictionary,

    Then build the code using with following services. can be any one of these bytes, stream, string(prefer string) the getfile output(string) to ffdata, and mention the ffschema)

    then create the doc reference for ffvalues(which is the output of the pub.flatFile:convertToValues service), and map the ffvalues to refrence doc.

    3.create the table & Insert Adapter service on that table.(table fiels are same as ffvalues fields).

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