Topic:   webMethods Broker JMS connection configuration and JNDI details
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    idnkx user


    Hi IDN experts,

    In our project there is an requirement to configure Broker JMS, instead using native Broker we would like to go for JMS Broker. Any one let us know the complete configuration details end to end if you guys done some.

    We are planning to use JMS for internal communication from one IS to other. Please share information related to JMS connection alias creation, JNDI provider alias creation, Queue and trigger creation...

    Thanks all for your patience

    idnkx user


    Here we go,

    1) First of all we need to configure JNDI through JNDI Provider alias

    [b]Go to Settings > Messaging > JNDI Settings > JNDI Provider Alias[/b]

    [b]JNDI Provider Alias[/b]

    JNDI Alias Name: test_JNDI
    Description: JNDILookup
    Initial Context Factory: com.webmethods.jms.naming.WmJmsNamingCtxFactory
    Provider URL: wmjmsnaming://testJNDI_localhost@testserver:6849
    Provider URL Failover List: Keep it empty
    Security Principal: CN=Test Generic JMS,OU=Test - Broker JMS,O=Test JNDI,U=USA
    Security Credentials: ******
    Other Properties: com.webmethods.jms.naming.truststore=/opt/softwareag/wm80_01/security/truststore.jks

    2) Then Configure your JMS Connection Alias

    Go [b]Settings > Messaging > JMS Settings > JMS Connection Alias[/b]

    [b]Settings > Messaging > JMS Settings > JMS Connection Alias[/b]

    [b]General Settings[/b]
    Connection Alias Name: test_local_receive
    Enabled: Yes
    Description: JMSAliasLocal
    Transaction Type: NO_TRANSACTION
    Connection Client ID: testJMS
    User: CN=Test Generic JMS,OU=Test - Broker JMS,O=Test JNDI,U=USA
    Password: *****
    [b]Connection Protocol Settings[/b]
    Create Connection Using: JNDI LOOKUP
    JNDI Provider Alias: test_JNDI
    Connection Factory Lookup Name: test.lcd.ccf.testJMS
    Monitor webMethods Connection Factory: No
    [b]Advanced Settings[/b]
    Maximum CSQ Size: UNLIMITED
    Drain CSQ In Order: Yes
    Create Temporary Queue: Yes
    Manage Destinations (webMethods JMS provider only): Yes
    [b]Producer Caching[/b]
    Maximum Session Pool Size: DISABLED
    Maximum MessageProducer Pool Size per Destination: DISABLED
    MessageProducer Destination List (semicolon delimited): Empty

    3) Then you have to configure your trigger for pulling up the messages from JMS Queues

    Go to [b]Settings > Messaging > JMS Trigger Management[/b]

    Trigger Name: Package_Name.triggersFolder:receiveFromAnilinkerApplication
    Connection Alias Name: test_local_receive
    Destination(s): test_local_Anilinker_Message
    Processing Mode: Concurrent
    Maximum Threads: 2
    Current Threads:


    idnkx user


    how to create destination name in trigger.Thanks.


    idnkx user

    Raj Kumar

    If you are using JMS Broker, then after creating a JMS trigger Select:

    -> JMS Connection alias name(you should configure you JNDI and JMS aliases first, see above for JNDI/JMS connection alias setup)

    Then under JMS destinations and message selectors click on Insert destination, this will create a new row.

    In this row you can find your destination name which may be a Queue or a topic depending upon the Destination type you choose.

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