Topic:   Generating Excel File using Java Service
Sep 09, 2014 12:18 2 Replies 668 Views Ashok
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    idnkx user


    Hi All,

    I am trying to generate the excel using Java Service. For this i have placed the POI java library on the following path on the server /Integration Server/lib/jars as well as referenced the same on the designer.

    I have configured the Input/Output parameters as follows


    Employee - Document List
    Name - String
    Designation - String
    Department - String


    ExcelObject (Object) - I am not aware how to map the excel OLE object to the excel object.

    I also tried with another option to create the excel file on the project folder say "Employee.xls". For this i have removed the output parameter and executed the java service on the designer and i don't see any error or any generated file.

    It seems the debug trace as well System.out.println() will not work for java service.

    Can any body help me out to resolve this issues or any input or suggestions to make it work.

    idnkx user


    Try these:

    Hope these will help you out

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