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    Biztalk Server Online Training

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    Introductions to Enterprise Application Patterns and BizTalk Server, Understanding BizTalk Framework, Setting up a BizTalk Server Environment, Messaging Architecture, Setting up a BizTalk Server Environment Engine, Business Activity Monitoring, WCF Services Schemas in BizTalk, Transformations in BizTalk, The BizTalk Messaging Engine and Pipelines, Adapters in BizTalk, Orchestrations, Advanced Orchestrations, Integration Patterns in BizTalkBizTalk Rules with BizTalk, Testing BizTalk Artifacts, BizTalk Server Instrumentation, Error Handling, and Deployment,Tracking and Deploying BizTalk Solutions, Monitoring and Maintenance, Administration, BizTalk Server Performance andTuning, BizTalk Tools, BizTalk 2013 Features, ESB Toolkit 2.
    Introduction to EAI
    The EAI Business Scenario
    Integrating with existing systems
    Managing Interoperability within a system
    The B2B Business Scenario
    Communicating with External Systems
    Technology solutions available to integrate
    Role of XML and Web services in SOA
    BizTalk and SOA
    Understanding BizTalk Framework
    Why BizTalk?
    BizTalk Framework Architecture
    Message Box
    Enterprise Single Sign-On
    Messaging Architecture
    Understanding the Message Bus
    Content Based Routing
    BizTalk's publish and subscribe architecture
    Send and receive ports
    BizTalk message box
    Applying transformations to messages
    Setting up a BizTalk Server Environment
    Gathering requirements by asking the right questions
    Analyzing requirements and creating a design
    Installing and using the BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer
    Validating a BizTalk installation with the BizTalk Benchmark Wizard tool
    Automating performance analysis by using the PAL tool
    Managing the SSO system
    Configuring MSDTC for multi-server BizTalk platforms
    XML Schema in BizTalk Server
    BizTalk Schema Editor
    Document schemas
    Envelope schemas
    Property schemas
    Flat file schemas
    XSLT in BizTalk Server
    The BizTalk Mapper
    Using basic and advanced factoids in maps
    managing transformation challenges
    Testing maps
    Debugging maps
    Building custom functions
    Pipeline Architecture
    Standard Pipelines
    Standard Pipeline Components
    Building Custom Send Pipeline
    Building Custom Receive Pipeline
    Building Custom Pipeline Component
    Debugging Pipeline Component
    Recoverable Interchange
    Communication Semantics
    Dynamic Send Ports
    Configuration Settings
    Retry Semantics
    Service Windows
    Context Properties
    In-Order Delivery
    Writing a Custom Adapter
    BizTalk Adapter Framework
    Standard BizTalk Adapters
    BizTalk WCF Adapters
    BizTalk Adapter Pack v2
    Recoverable Interchange Building custom Adapter using WCF LOB Adapter SDK
    Introduction to Orchestrations
    The BizTalk orchestration engine
    Working with messages in orchestrations
    Routing BizTalk messages
    Sending and Receiving Messages
    Managing ports in orchestrations
    Port Bindings
    Constructing and Transforming Messages
    Message Correlation
    Integrating with .NET Code
    Managing Orchestrations using Scopes
    Introduction to Transactions
    Exception and Error Handling
    Deploying Orchestrations
    Content based Routing
    Communicating with Other Orchestrations
    Debugging Orchestrations
    Tracking Messages
    Advanced Orchestration
    Transactions and compensation
    BizTalk Server Automation: Patterns
    Implementing the splitter pattern
    Developing an asynchronous aggregation pattern
    Creating a FIFO solution
    Developing a parallel convoy solution
    Routing using the resequencer messages in an orchestration
    Implementing a retry pattern in an orchestration
    Business Rules
    Business rule engine concepts
    creating and testing rules
    managing business rule policies
    creating and managing rule vocabularies
    Executing rules from orchestrations
    interacting with rules from .NET code
    Business Activity Monitoring
    BAM Fundamentals
    Conceptual Overview
    Database Structure
    Tracking Profile Editor
    Using the TPE
    To TPE or Not to TPE?
    Creating Activities
    Updating Data Items
    Applied BAM
    Deploying the Database Infrastructure
    Writing Activity Data
    Using Activity Data
    SQL Server Reporting Services
    BAM Portal
    WCF Services with BizTalk
    Creating a canonical schema
    Exposing schemas as a WCF Service
    Consuming WCF Services in a BizTalk orchestration
    Consuming WCF Services in a BizTalk messaging only solution
    Exposing orchestrations with BizTalk
    Exposing systems with the BizTalk Server Adapter Pack
    Testing BizTalk Artifacts
    Testing BizTalk artifacts inside Visual Studio
    Unit testing a BizTalk solution with BizUnit
    Applying code coverage to a BizTalk orchestration
    Testing BizTalk solutions with BizMock
    Using the BizTalk Map Test Framework
    Testing pipelines and pipeline components
    Load Testing
    Performance Testing
    Integration Testing 386
    Stress Testing
    Mixing It Up
    Overload Testing 407
    User Acceptance Testing
    Production Support Testing
    Deploying New Solution Artifacts 412
    Handling Suspended Messages and Orchestrations 412
    Archiving BAM Data
    BizTalk Server Instrumentation, Error Handling, and Deployment
    Tracing BizTalk applications using Debug View
    Monitoring BizTalk solution behavior with Log4Net
    Applying event logging in BizTalk solutions
    Enabling Failed Message Routing in BizTalk
    Implementing error handling in an orchestration
    Health and Activity Tracking
    Tracking Message Activity
    Using the Service Pane
    Observing the status of Orchestration
    Following path and status of execution
    Debugging an Orchestration using HAT
    Monitoring and Maintenance
    Using the BizTalk Administration Console
    Importing the BizTalk Management Pack in SCOM
    Alternative BizTalk monitoring solution—BizTalk360
    Configuring the BizTalk database jobs
    Leveraging the BizTalk monitoring job
    Identifying bottlenecks with the Performance Monitor
    Using the BizTalk Message Box Viewer
    BizTalk Server Administration
    What to Manage
    The Administration Toolkit
    BizTalk Server Administration Console
    Health and Activity Tracking (HAT)
    BTSTask and BTSDeploy
    BizTalk Explorer
    Regular Administration Tasks
    Application Deployment
    Managing Hosts
    Clustering Hosts
    Troubleshooting BizTalk
    Checking the Health of Your BizTalk System
    Tools to Assist You
    BizTalk Best Practices Analyzer (BPA)
    BizTalk Documenter
    BizTalk Server Performance and Scalability
    Laying the Foundations
    SQL Server
    Dependent Systems
    Common Symptoms
    Orchestration Completed/Sec Drops Off Suddenly
    High Memory Usage
    Web Service Problems (SOAP Adapter)
    Low Throughput (Not Achieving the msg/Sec)
    Heavy BAM Usage
    Spool Increasing Steadily
    Performance Testing and Tuning
    Load Profile
    Performance Testing Tools – Load Generation
    Identifying Performance Bottlenecks
    Code Profiling
    Automating Performance Testing
    ESB Toolkit 2.1
    Introduction to ESB Guidance
    Installation & Configuration of ESB with BizTalk
    Integration of BizTalk with ESB toolkit
    ESB Portal & Exception Handling
    Message processing using ESB application
    Transformation Services
    Resolver Services
    Itinerary Services
    BizTalk Server 2013 features
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