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    Biztalk Admin Online Training

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    What is Business Process?
    Need to Integrate
    What is Integration?
    Challenges without Integration
    Challenges in Business Integration
    BizTalk Server
    Other Products available in Market
    Comparison of BizTalk with Tibco, Web methods & SAP PI
    Comparison of BizTalk with SSIS and WPF
    BizTalk Architecture
    Messaging Architecture
    Publish Subscribe Model
    Backend Databases in Detail
    SQL Jobs
    BizTalk Server Administration
    Setup new BizTalk Server Groups
    Add new BizTalk Server computers to an existing BizTalk Server group
    Deploy BizTalk Server applications using MSIs
    Manage application configuration using binding files
    Securely manage passwords using ESSO Affiliate Applications
    Configure routing of messages using Filter Expressions
    Enable high-availability of BizTalk Server processes using hosts and host instances
    Deploy custom Business Activity Monitoring tracking solutions
    Enable EDI-based integration with trading partners
    Deploy, monitor, and manage Business Rule Engine policies
    Automate BizTalk Server management tasks using BTSTask and PowerShell scripts
    Configure BizTalk database log shipping
    Design disaster recovery plans
    Configure BizTalk Receive Ports and Receive Locations
    Configure BizTalk Send Ports and Send Port Groups
    Enable message security using pipelines
    Business Data Tracking
    Need to tracking
    Business data tracking and reporting
    Tracking Databases
    Types of tracking
    BizTalk Development
    Schemas I - Defining Message Structure
    Schemas II - Message Routing
    Content base Routing.
    Understand message context properties
    How Subscription works
    Demo of how content base Routing works.
    Adapters I - File, SMTP, SQL, Seibel, POP, FTP etc
    How to configure Adapters.
    Demo of adapter.
    Adapters II - Line of Business Adapters like WCF, SAP, SharePoint, SQL
    Overview of BizTalk Adapter Pack
    Configuration of WCF Adapters.
    Demo of SQL Adapter.
    Pipelines - Default & Custom
    Receive Pipeline - Stages & Components
    Send Pipeline - Stages & Components
    Maps - Mapper, XSLT & Functoids
    Map basics
    Advancements in Mapper in BizTalk 2010
    Basics - why when and how?
    Walkthrough different Shapes
    Persistence & Transactions
    Design Patterns
    Web Services I - Consuming Web Services
    Overview: Web Services
    Demo: Different ways to consume a Web Service
    Business Rules Engine
    Business Rule Composer
    Dynamic Mapping
    Business Activity Monitoring
    Introduction to Business Activity Monitoring
    Creating different BAM artifacts
    Deploying BAM
    Administration of BAM
    BizTalk Best Practices
    Design Architecture
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