Topic:   What are the major impacts to getting down Broker server??
Sep 03, 2014 18:00 4 Replies 715 Views Ansari
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    Any one can tell me that What are the major impacts to getting down Broker server??

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    Just from a basic use point of view , If you do not use pub-sub then none , if you use guaranteed documents they will not be published anymore , documents already placed on trigger queue will be stuck and if you use volatile they will be lost ..

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    Same from my side as dhruv said.

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    Elaborating the impact a little more:

    1. Guaranteed documents will be published and will be temporarily stored in the IS Outbound document store, until the capacity is reached or the broker is up back. (This is also based on the setting in the server.cnf file, else, your publishing services would fail).

    2. When the IS outbound store capacity is reached and the broker is still not available then the IS doesn't issue anymore threads to the publishing services which publish data to Brokers.

    3. Services publishing volatile documents would fail and you'll loose data corresponding to them (impact can be minimal as they're volatile; Volatile are usually chosen for non-business critical requirements).

    4. Also, you'll be left with number of in-doubt documents which were the transactions being processed when the broker server goes down. You can choose to re-submit them or ignore based on the business case.

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