Topic:   How to send a colourful email alert from webMethods
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    I would like to send an alert whenever something goes wrong with Broker or when Broker client length exceeds threshold. I would like to add a logo and some colour in the mail. Could anyone let me know what services i need to use and the configuration settings at webMethods to acheive this.

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    You can try this procedure:

    You can form the your business content using HTML tags and you an include font color as well and finally give the content to "body" in smtp service, then this email will not come as a attachment. It will come as email body.

    1. string to Byte
    2. byte to stream
    3. pub.mime:createMimeData
    4. pub.mime:addBodyPart (content Type =text/html)
    5. pub.mime:getEnvelopeStream
    6. pub.client:smtp

    Use the below configuration to wrap your smtp message Email body:

    Broker Monitor Alert

    Try with DSP and output Templates to design your Email body ../opt/softwareag/wm80_01/IntegrationServer/packages/sampleMonitorFramework/templates/Colourful Email Alert.html (PFA)

    Let me know if this works for you.

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    With Attachment(DSP/HTML template file)

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