Topic:   how can I implement topics through MQ adapter!!
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    team, how can I implement topics through MQ adapter!!

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    Hi Acouxuth check these not sure if it could be of how much help:

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    Go to Programs -> IBM websphere
    MQ –> webspehere MQ Explorer ->

    Queue manager -> right click ->

    New ->- Q Manager ->

    Give a Q name and a port number ->

    Go to Queue foldes -> -> New -> Q (Local) -> ok

    Go to IS Admin page -> Adapters –> WebSphere MQ Adapter -> Connections

    Connection type : WebSphere MQ connection
    Package name: Q manager name: QMI
    Host name : local host
    TCP/IP port : 1414
    Server connection channel : WebSphere MQ connection
    Q name : Q1
    Save the connection and enable it.

    1) For putting messages into a Queue

    Adapter service -> WebSphere MQ Adapter -> Select a connection -> select put service template
    Flow steps for put service
    -> Map
    -> Pipe out ( msg : This is a sample (hardcode))
    -> Pub : string : string to bytes
    -> Message ----> string
    -> Putmessage (Adapter service)
    Bytes ----> message body

    2) For getting messages from a Queue

    Adapter service –> websphere MQ adapter -> Select a connection –> get service
    Flow steps for get service:
    Get message (adapter service)
    Sample . IO . test . write to file
    Filename : path
    Message body -----> file content
    Overwrite flag: 0

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    or refer to mq guide

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    Thanks Pradip for all these info... I think we can do it by creating JMS adapter at wm end and providing ll details from MQ..

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