Topic:   How to configure webMethods SAP Adapter for webMethods 7.1 version
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    One of my project is upgrading from 6.1 to 7.1.1.

    We have downloaded webMethods Upgrade Guide 7.1 document from advantage but it does not contain any information about SAP Adapter configuration at 7.1.

    Any one please provide us some information about configuring SAP Adapter at 7.1


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    Before configuring you must have installed SAP Adapter for 7.1.1 and configured the required jars in the following paths:

    [b]Files Paths[/b] - IntegrationServer_directory\lib\ - IntegrationServer_directory\lib\
    sapjco.jar - IntegrationServer_directory\packages\WmSAP\code\jars\static\
    sapidoc.jar - IntegrationServer_directory\packages\WmSAP\code\jars\static\
    sapidocjco.jar - IntegrationServer_directory\packages\WmSAP\code\jars\static\
    and have added this setting in server.bat
    SET RFC_TRACE_DIR=%IS_DIR%\packages\WmSAP\logs

    [b]Below are the ja versions that should be loaded[/b]
    JCo Middleware sapjcorfc JCo Version - 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
    JCo Middleware Version - 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
    jRFC Library Version - 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
    jRFC Library Location - \lib\sapjcorfc.dll
    IDoc Library Version (sapidoc.jar) - 1.0.4 (2006-10-10)
    JCoIDoc Library Version(sapidocjco.jar) - 1.0.7 (2007-07-20)

    Now, IS7.1.1 has to be restarted and then try to configure the adapter connection,listener to get the data from SAP and enable it. Make sure, the connection is enabled before enabling the listener for that connection.

    SAP RFC Destination details are required to create the listener

    Program ID - RFC Destination Port in SAP,
    Gateway Host - Gateway Server to connect to SAP
    Gateway Service,
    Repository Server, and
    Unicode Listener

    Follow the below procedure for establishing communication with SAP by doing below configurations at webMethods and at SAP.

    [b]1. Create SAP Instance in webMethods [/b]

    An SAP instance defines a group of resources such as memory, work processes and so on, usually in support of a single application server or database server within a client/server environment. Application servers share the same memory areas and are controlled by the same dispatcher process. The instance of the SAP system can be defined as an administrative unit which consist of different components that makes up the SAP system. These include the dispatcher, work processes, internet communication manager, assigned memory structures and the gateway.

    Required information:Example values

    SAP Client : 800
    SAP User : sapuser
    password: xxxxx
    system number : 00
    sapgateway host : sapdev
    gateway service: sapgw00

    Save and TestConnection.

    [b]2. Create a SAP Listener for the created SAP instance[/b]

    SAP listener uses SAP connection details and monitors continuously the SAP host and service at particular port for information availability at SAP .

    Click on the sap instance created and add listener
    Giving ProgramID **
    and after save on success can see green light

    [b]3. For establishing communication between webMethods[b][/b] -> SAP[/b] and to invoke calling a function module using the RFC interface, the calling program must specify the parameters of the connection in the form of a destination. This destination defines the type of connection, the partner program, and the target system. You can manage it using transaction SM59, and it distinguishes between a variety of connections, such as TCP/IP or SAP connections.Go to SAP:

    Type Transaction ID sm59 :
    go to SAP RFC Destination Gui
    select TCIP Connection create
    Give Name of RFC foir WM
    Type : T
    Select Logon Type : Registerd Program
    Give ProgramID same as listner name givine WM
    Give saphostname
    Give gateway service as :sapgw00
    Test Connection

    It should have the same details that is provided in SAP RFC Destination port.

    Hope this helps..

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    idnkx user


    My Concerns are of the create SAP instance in webMethods
    How will you define the
    SAP Client :
    SAP User :
    system number :
    sapgateway host :
    gateway service:

    how will I get this information?

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