Topic:   How to configure a webMethods scheduler service which has inputs
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    We have a requirement to configure a webMethods Scheduler Service which has a input value,
    i don't want to use wM Developer to define a new service in developer to supply the input value for the service which has to be placed in scheduler.

    Could any one please let us know how to achieve this and give an input to the service in scheduler on a fly.

    Below are the services which i want to configure as schedulers:



    idnkx user



    You can use [b]pub.scheduler:addComplexTask, addOneTimeTask or addRepeatingTask.[/b] Each of these accepts a paramter named "input" which you can set with the inputs for the service being called.

    However, if anyone uses IS Administrator to edit the task in any way the inputs will be lost.

    Hopes this helps.


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