Topic:   How to get list of files from Other server directory
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    Hi ,

    I need to get the list of files from the directory which is located in some other server not the webMethods server.

    I have used the below two inbuilt functions to achieve this,


    But I'm facing the problem in giving the path in config file. - I have given the below in the fileAccessControl.cnf


    It's still getting error "The path has not allowed to read the file", but if I give C:/apps/temp/testData path it's working.

    2.PSUtilities.file.ListFiles - I have given the below in the PSUtilities cnf file

    allowedWritePaths C:\\apps\\wm712\\IntegrationServer\\packages\\WWU_COMMON\\config*C:\\wm712\\test*C:\\wm712\\test.txt*c:\\temp\\write*c:\\temp\\write2*c:\\temp*\\wwubh01ap35\\Symology\\ReturnXML*
    allowedReadPaths C:\\apps\\wm712\\IntegrationServer\\packages\\WWU_COMMON\\config*C:\\wm712\\test*C:\\wm712\\test.txt*C:\\temp\\read*c:\\temp\\write*c:\\mydown~1*c:\\*\\wwubh01ap35\\Symology\\ReturnXML
    allowedDeletePaths C:\\apps\\wm712\\IntegrationServer\\packages\\WWU_COMMON\\config*C:\\wm712\\test*C:\\wm712\\test.txt

    Still I'm getting the error.

    Tried with the both of the option still couldn't resolve the issue, I guess the path format is incorrect.

    Can anyone help me in getting the correct path (\\wwubh01ap35\\Symology\\ReturnXML) for this to be configured in the config file.

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