Topic:   i am facing the issue at the time deploying the package which has SAP Integration
Jul 15, 2014 01:21 2 Replies 799 Views Pammomanymn
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    idnkx user


    Hey i am facing the issue at the time deploying the package from Dev to testing and staging environment.
    SAP adapter listener notification was not changing once i deployed to Dev test/Stage. The listener was disable.
    My task four new fields mapping process in an existing interface.
    SAP I doc i am reeving via RFC listener notification.
    SAP side changes was done. In unit testing is also success-full.
    The same package when i deployed to test/stage environment the added new fields are not reflecting my i know the issue.
    I am doing these activity manually. These is way or any other way??????
    Deploying things:: changes done service.
      :: JDBC Adapter service.
      ::SAP Listener notification and document.
    The first two services changes are reflecting successfully.
    Coming to sap listener notification changes are not reflecting.
    Please suggest at these issue:)

    idnkx user


    Check the DB side, they changing any schema

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