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    Hi friends is any one migrated Webmethods 7.1 to Webmethods 9.0 required some info on it

    idnkx user


    You can use a Staging wM 8.x environment(Development) to migrate & test wM 7.1.x interfaces. The plus point is that under the hood not much significant changes have been applied enroute to wM 8.x.
    Sometimes the install-over-current approach throws up unwanted issues. The side-by-side is safe and hassle free with full freedom.

    My suggestion is to upgrade your webMethods 7.1.2(if you are using this) environment to 7.1.3 and then go to latest webmethods version 8.0 and then to 8.2.2 then 9.x.
    Since Side by side mitigates risk, and is SAG recommended approach for this type of upgrade. Software AG recommeds the certified upgrade path from 7.1.3 to 8.2.2. to 9.x
    First upgrade to 8.2.2 using Over Install and then upgrade to 90 from 8.2.2 using over Install.

    There are lot of new things introduced in Software AG webservice stack in webmethods 8.2.x, you may have to do some changes to existing webservices to incomplaince with the new webservice task.

    You won't face major issues with components like IS , Broker , TN , MWS , CAF etc.

    ->IS packages use the inbuilt JVM for java functionality.

    ->Broker version isn't a problem at all as wM 8.x version Brokers can also be configured with wM 6.5 SP3 setups.

    ->The TN has most stuff wrt to 7.1.2 present in wM 8.x present. wM 8.x gives more preference to using TNWeb UI thru MWS rather the TN Console.

    ->For MWS we have some changes for CAF as CAF projects can also be deployed to Oracle Weblogic , IBM Websphere additionaly.
    I think you can export BPM packages into wM 8.x as they exist on 7.1.2 IS as packages.(Some retrofitting may be needed).

    -> The adapters maintain same versions between wM versions like JDBC 6.5 ,JDE EOne 8.98 have remained same thru wM 6.5 SP3.

    Thus when you test some interfaces on Staging , you can right away move ahead to newer DEV ,QA , PROD.

    Major steps would be identify depricated services and create a list of services that needs to be changed, backing up your current version,
    Setting up new DB and moving existing DB assets, installing IS and MWS, adding latest fixes and at last moving all packages, ACLs, schedulers and other IS assets

    Follow the below links for more detailed approaches: SAG Upgrade guide SAG 82 upgrade process Blog on overcomming challenges in performing upgrades

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